Career Advice

All the team here at CV Matrix aim to ensure that every applicant is matched with their perfect role. To guarantee that you have the best possible chance of doing this, be sure to follow these useful steps:

  • Express a passion for the company or position that you are applying for and any past achievements you can relate to the role.
  • Use concise and coherent language when contacting employers through email or when in person for an interview.
  • Identify your specific skillset and be sure to list these when applying for jobs if relevant.
  • When writing a CV make clear all previous job positions and clarify all experience gained from each one.
  • Expand your skill set by undertaking classes or workshops to build or improve these.
  • Always include a cover letter unless the employer states otherwise. This will allow the application process to be fine-tune your application and draw attention to a specific part of your CV.
  • Be sure to network by interacting with people in your field to increase your knowledge of potential job openings.
  • When emailing someone for a job application be sure to proofread. This can be done by reading out loud, making the text larger, printing the email off as this may be easier to spot spelling errors this way or by simply asking a friend or family member to read it.