CV Matrix Services

The origins of CV Matrix Ltd go back over twenty-five years, with management being involved within various aspects of engineering in Oil, Gas Energy, renewables, nuclear, aviation and beyond.

The areas of expertise of the CV Matrix team included:

  •  Provision of personnel to provide Independent inspection of equipment during manufacture and / or testing to clients requirements.
  •  Provision of personnel to provided verification of safety critical elements, performance standards, verification schemes, designs, procurement, fabrication, manufacture, installation, testing, commissioning and operations through to decommissioning.
  •  Provision of project support personnel for your projects globally.
  •  Provision of offshore personnel.
  •  Professional manpower supply.

Levels of Expertise / Experience

In order to provide the level of expertise and experience expected by clients CV MATRIX has to provide personnel of exceptional calibre. Our team is headed by highly experienced professionals with over two decades of experience in the field of independent inspection and verification.

Support is provided by a close knit team of specialist discipline engineers and inspectors strategically located around the globe looking after the interests of established clients and the increasing numbers of new clients.

Our engineers and inspectors are highly skilled, qualified and experienced. They come from diverse backgrounds and are available from our UK office or at locations around the world.

Together they have accumulated many years of professional experience providing independent inspection, verification and certification services to the offshore and onshore oil, gas, petro-chemicals, pipeline, utility, energy and associated industries. Fixed, mobile and subsea installations all come within our expertise and wide ranging portfolio.

CV MATRIX has always recognised that to sustain the highest possible standards of service to clients, people of exceptional calibre must be employed. Any specialist engineers or inspectors appointed to your project are not only fully endorsed by us but may be approved by you as well. Example discipline include:

Example disciplines include:

  •  Risk Engineers
  •  Mechanical Engineers and Inspectors
  •  Electrical Engineers and Inspectors
  •  Instrument / Controls, Telecommunications Engineers and Inspectors
  •  Rotating Equipment Engineers / Inspectors
  •  Pressure / Storage Vessel Engineers / Inspectors
  •  Sub-sea Umbilical / Cable Engineers / Inspectors
  •  Pipeline Engineers
  •  Pipeline Manufacture and Installation Engineers / Inspectors
  •  Metallurgist / Welding / NDE / Mechanical Testing Engineers
  •  Welding / NDE / Coating Inspectors
  •  Structural Engineers / Inspectors
  •  Project Managers and Project Engineers
  •  Project co-ordinators / Document controllers
  •  Offshore workers

The combined level of expertise available from CV MATRIX is remarkable and is continuing to develop to meet the ever changing demands of the Hydrocarbon and Renewables industries.

Field of Operations

CV MATRIX provides a worldwide service to clients who operate in the Energy sectors on a global basis.


CV Matrix have been an absolute joy to work with. Clear communication at all times. Unlike some agencies in the energy sectors they have shown a distinct understanding and knowledge of the industry, something which is more than helpful. We would highly recommend CV Matrix to anyone looking for a recruitment partner in the gas and energy industries.
Andrew Conner