Engineer Supervisor - Plastics (CVM/20/00019)

Job type: Full Time, Contract

Location: Seoul South Korea

Great Package

Sector: Oil & Energy

Job description

Our client is about to commence construction of a large semi conductor facility in South Korea. We are in need of some more supervisors with experience and knowledge of Non metallic, Plastic welding technologies.

Job Description below, Due to commence during August/ September 2020.

If you have the skill please send CV's to

. Professional Welding Expert - nonmetallic (Plastic)

i. Report to the PM

ii. Review QC plan for nonmetal welding parts and provide advices

iii. Providing the review opinion for Samsung documentation & Risk assessment iv. Verification of project specific WPSs & PQRs and approve them (Plastic

Bonding procedures etc.).

v. Submit the necessary reports & provide the explanation of performed activities, if necessary.

vi. Participating meeting with General contractor (subcontractors, if necessary)

for the project progressing, if necessary

vii. Participating meeting with the plant owner for project discussion, if necessary viii. Work with THE PLANT OWNER to audit, assess, monitor and inspect the

activities of gene/subcontractors and suppliers.

ix. Advice THE PLANT OWNER under agreed international standard to insure the contractors fulfill all necessary requirements

x. Checking the quality based on the prepared protocol/checklist xi. Perform other duties as necessary

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